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Michellaneous too

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9 January
I am a writer of fanfiction, mother of three, wife of one...I started writing fanfiction several years ago for CSI, and have since written in the Harry Potter, Star Trek: Enterprise and Firefly fandoms. I will post all my current stories here and will post (eventually) all my completed work as well. And, if I can figure out what I'm doing I'll even save them in the appropriate place with my memories to make things easier to find. I'll probably also post lots of lyrics to lots of songs, as I listen to music all day long and am really influenced by the way certain songs make me feel or think. A fair amount of the stuff I have written has been influenced by music, although I don't believe I've ever written a 'song fic' per se. I'm currently working on the joss100 prompt chart # 2. I'll get it posted here somewhere soon enough.

Firefly: virtual season two

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